Heli Max 1SQ RTF Quadcopter Review

The Heli Max 1SQ may be small but it is so much fun to fly. I have had very little flying experience but this quad copter has proven to be an excellent trainer. The most important thing in a quad copter as a beginner is its durability. While learning with any quad copter crashes are inevitable. The Heli Max 1SQ fits this need perfectly. It is a tough little copter. Indoors or outdoors it can take several crashes without catastrophic results. One hint I can give you that will keep the 1SQ in perfect flying shape is to kill the power just before crash impact and very little if any damage will occur.


Even though the Heli Max 1SQ is very durable and rigid enough for the beginner, I need to mention that this quad copter is ideal for the teenage and older pilot. I only say that because of the sensitivity of the copter, even on the lowest sensitivity setting. It flies smoothly and hovers predictably but requires a delicate touch and smooth movements by the pilot. That can be tough for the youngest pilots to maintain such precise movements. But it is great for the teenage and above group. The speed and responsiveness of the Heli Max 1SQ makes it a lot of fun to fly.

The 1SQ quad copter came ready to fly out of the box. Charge the LiPo battery and you are ready for the air. Even though this isn’t a big deal it was pretty cool that the 4 “AA” batteries for the transmitter were included. Also it came with an extra set of blades. Another nice feature was the USB charger. You can even charge batteries with a laptop or tablet on the go or just charge it with a personal computer at home. I would suggest an extra battery or two for more flying time, and maybe even an extra USB battery charger. I can get 10 minutes flying time on a single charge but that is pretty conservative flying. If you plan to fly aggressively then you can expect anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes flight time. Depending on how many extra batteries and extra chargers you buy, you could almost fly constantly.

The Heli Max 1SQ is small. Just under six inches square is what it measures. It is also very light at just 1.1 ounces.  Even as small and light as it is, there is no problem flying outdoors in light wind. It is quite powerful to be so small, however, the payload capacity is extremely small and would not be enough for a camera or anything like that. The price range is a little higher than most entry level quad copters but you could also pay a lot more for copters that would not perform as well as the 1SQ. Sturdiness and rigidity are definitely the strong point on the Heli Max 1SQ.  It is amazing how indestructible the 1SQ is, and that feature in and of itself makes this quad copter a great trainer.

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  • FEATURES: Built-in digital camera lets user shoot and record aerial videos with transmitter activated On and Off control
  • INCLUDES: RTF 1SQ Quadcopter with 2.4GHz Radio, LiPo Battery, USB Charger, Instructions, 2 GB Memory Card and USB micro SD card reader
  • REQUIRES: Device such as a personal computer with a USB port to power charger