Syma X1 4 Channel Quadcopter Spacecraft Review

This quad copter is just straight up awesome. Outside of one very simple glitch (which I will tell you about later) there is nothing negative I can say about the Syma X1. There is a laundry list of good things to say about this quad copter. Durability, a perfect balance between simplicity and performance, and price are definitely the high points of this copter. Not to mention there are several available accessories to increase the flying experience.
Syma X1 Spacecraft
First things first, the Syma X1 Spacecraft quad copter is extremely durable. There is seemingly no limit to the punishment this copter will take. This feature makes it an excellent choice for those that are just learning to fly. Crash after crash the X1 seems to just keep on going. They do send it with an extra set of blades just in case you are able to break it. Whether flying indoors or outdoors even in the light wind this quad copter is ready to fly. And if you fly into a wall, the ground, or a tree the X1 will be reliable enough to pick it up and fly some more.
Another great thing about this quad copter is the ability to balance simplicity for the beginning flier and performance on hand for the seasoned veteran with quad copter experience. The copter has two modes identified as indoor and outdoor. While a trainee could and should fly the copter outside with the inside setting; it would not be a good idea to fly inside on the outside setting. Stability is great and hovering comes pretty easy to the beginner. The more advanced capabilities provide a great flying experience for everyone. You can fly in any direction. You can flip in any direction, although I would recommend being at least 8 feet off the ground before trying the 360 flips. The outdoor mode is fast so you need to be ready for quick maneuvering.
The price point of this copter is low compared to the rigidity and performance of this quad copter. It is so enjoyable to fly that I believe you would be hard pressed to find a better alternative for the price. There are also some great options available for the Syma X1. Available accessories include a larger battery that will give you 10 minutes flight as opposed to the standard 6 minutes. Get several batteries and fly nearly non stop. There is also a very small key chain size camera that many people have mounted on their X1.
The one downside is that the gyros reset themselves at each battery change. Make sire that the copter is sitting on a flat level surface when you attach the battery to the copter. The practice of properly allowing the gyros to reset will save you a ton of trouble while trying to fly. The Syma X1 can become unstable and downright aggravating to fly if it is reset on an uneven surface. Follow that guideline and you will have untold hours of fun flying the X1.
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Syma X1 Spacecraft
  • 3 way precision controller: up/down, left/right, forward/backward
  • Two Fly Mode:Indoor/Outdoor
  • 360° Eversion
  • The latest 3-axis flight control system with adjustable gyro sensitivity that permits super stable flight.
  • 2.4GHz Radio control