Recommended DJI Phantom Accessories

The DJI Phantom is one of the most exciting quadcopters on the market and one of the reasons for this is that it has so many additional features and accessories. Because of the choice, it could prove difficult to ascertain which DJI Phantom accessories are really worth buying, either because they are an absolute necessity or just because they will enhance your flying experience.

DJI Phantom w/ GoPro Hero 3 Black over Nashville

DJI Phantom w/ GoPro Hero 3 Black over Nashville (Photo credit: @giovanni)

Carrying Case:

Let’s face it, if you spend the amount of money needed to buy a quadcopter, you want to make sure that you do everything you can to protect it. You also want to make life easier by being able to carry the DJI Phantom, and all of its accessories, together in one place. That way, when you are ready to go out flying, you can just pick up the case and head out of the door. The carrying case looks the part, too, with its stylish and professional appearance.

DJI Case

The carrying case is manufactured to the highest standard (using a water-jet, precision cut), and is strong, durable and  built to last. The inside of the carrying case is made of protective foam which gently cushions every piece of equipment as it sits snugly in its specially made cut-out. The interior looks organised with everything in its place, and a place for everything. The design ensures that everything inside the carrying case stays put, even when being transported. This prevents unnecessary movement and as a result, minimises any potential damage.  For more reviews on the DJI carrying case, click here.

Carbon Propellers:

carbon_propellersAlthough all quadcopters come with standard propellers, many choose to upgrade to the carbon fibre variety. There are several reasons for this, the first being that they are much lighter than the originals. They are made with the sturdier carbon fibre which does not bend, unlike the standard propellers. The carbon fibre propellers are also quieter and offer a smoother flight, even reducing the “jello effect” when filming which is caused by vibrations. The carbon propellers offer more stability and control, reducing the amount of bouncing on the air during quick manoeuvres, such as ascents and descents. Lastly, the upgraded propellers offer a more efficient lift due to the increased rigidity of these over the standard propellers.  For additional information on the carbon fiber propellers, click here.


Watch this video for a tutorial on how to balance your propellers.


Anti-Vibration Anti-Jello Vibration Isolator Carbon Mount:

IsolatorsAnother sure fire way to remove jello effect when filming with the GoPro setup is to install an anti-vibration / jello carbon mount.  The isolators act to absorb any vibrations that come from the propellers and motor, while improving picture quality.  The carbon fibre mount is super light weight which when combined with the carbon fibre propellers, you have the ultimate jello stopper!  For more information on the anti jello vibration isolator carbon mount, click here.

gopro anti vibrator


Spare Battery:

DJI BatteryAs amazing as the DJI quadcopter is, one thing that is a little frustrating is how short the battery life is when the aircraft is in flight. It seems that no sooner have you taken off, then it is time to bring the aircraft back down to the ground. The average amount of time in the air is usually no more than ten minutes, with this time being reduced  if you are using a camera to film or take pictures. Therefore,  it makes perfect (and practical) sense to buy one or two spare batteries. All you need to do is keep the spare batteries charged up and take them with you when you go out flying. When the original battery is exhausted, simply swap them over and then the quadcopter will once again be ready for flight.  To find more reviews and info on the phantom battery, click here.

Propeller Guards:

prop-guardFor any novice or advanced flyer, the propeller guard is perfect accessory to have to extend the life of your DJI Phantom propellers.  Not only will it safeguard your propellers from damage from careless birds or tree branches, it’ll safeguard your fingers too if you don’t pay attention.  Although it does affect the flight somewhat slightly, the propeller guards stand out to make the quadcopter easier to see in altitude.   To check out information and reviews on the propeller guards, click here.


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