DJI Phantom Quadcopter Aerial UAV Drone Review

If you are a looking for THE best quadcopter kit, search no more, the DJI Phantom Quadcopter is exactly what you are looking for.  This quadcopter is very much ready to fly straight out of the box and requires only minimal assembly before it’s ready to go.  Although the DJI Phantom quadcopter is almost completely assembled, you’ll need to attach the propellers and insert batteries before it is ready for action.

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WI...

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WITH GPS FLIGHT CONTROL (Photo credit:

While there are no instructions included in the box, what they do have though, are instruction videos on the DJI website that cover the how-tos for quadcopter assembly and flying tips.  Before you fly it’s a really good idea to watch these videos and familiarize yourself with the Phantom before doing anything else.  Many potential problems could be avoided if you are fully up to speed before you start. In addition to the videos online, you can also download a useful PDF version here, to keep close at hand should any problems arise.

The DJI Phantom quadcopter is a pleasure to fly; it’s easy to control and very maneuverable. The controls are very simple to understand and the quadcopter has various functions that’ll make the flying as smooth as possible. The overall appearance of the DJI is graceful and streamlined and weighs next to nothing. Yet, at the same time, it’s tough and hardy, able to withstand crashes and scrapes.  Compared to other similar models, handling the DJI Phantom quadcopter definitely gives you an overwhelming sense of being totally in control.

The DJI Phantom quadcopter comes ready equipped with many functions to enhance your flying experience. For example, the Intelligent Orientation Control shows which way the helicopter is facing, which means that it is easier to steer.

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WI...

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WITH GPS FLIGHT CONTROL (Photo credit:

The quadcopter also benefits from having an integrated GPS system. One feature of this system is the GPS Attitude, which enables the helicopter to stop or just hover in mid-air. It is reassuring to have control over the helicopter’s movement and direction, because this will prevent the quadcopter from crashing into something that can cause major damage, such as a tree or a roof.

Another feature of the integrated GPS system is its invaluable return-to-home mode. This function ensures that the helicopter returns safely, even if the remote control is not switched on. As it is an expensive piece of equipment, it is comforting to know that even if your quadcopter rapidly soars away and out if sight, it will eventually return safely to the point where it took off from. That said, it is a good idea to test that the return-to-home mode is functioning correctly before you let the quadcopter travel too far.

Designed with a special and exciting feature, the DJI Phantom quadcopter is able to mount a GoPro camera (or any other light camera).  This means that you can capture stunning aerial, birds-eye views. However, the mount provided does not always hold the camera firmly enough and poor video quality may occur due to the wobbling caused by vibrations.  It might be beneficial to buy agimbal or specially made GoPro mount.

One of the very few disadvantages is that even when fully charged, the Phantom has a very short battery life, only providing roughly 10-15 minutes of flying time (less if using a camera attached).   Though this battery life is typical of any RC Quadcopter.  For longer flight times, you may want to consider installing a higher amperage LIPO battery.


DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WI...

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WITH GPS FLIGHT CONTROL (Photo credit:

The DJI Phantom Quadcopter is the best in class Quadcopter for taking aerial view photography.  Unlike many other assemble-yourself quadcopters, this quadcopter is built robust right out of the box.  It also carries features you would want in any radio controlled quadcopter: intelligent operation controls, integrated GPS, and a often needed return to home mode.

For more information and reviews and pricing on the DJI Phantom Quadcopter, click here.

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