DJI Phantom Quadcopter Features

The DJI Phantom Quadcopter is a quadcopter that has many varied and interesting features that enhance the flying experience:

DJI Phantom w/ GoPro Hero 3 Black over Nashville

DJI Phantom w/ GoPro Hero 3 Black over Nashville (Photo credit: @giovanni)

Ready to fly:

All of the necessary tuning has been carried out and the flight parameters and functions have been set up. This means that every preparation needed to get the quadcopter ready for flight has already been done by the manufacturers. So, other than a few minor attachments (such as the battery and propellers), the DJI Phantom is pretty much ready to flight straight out of the box.

Attractive design:

The Phantom is visually stunning, with a streamlined, modern look. The design is compact, making it easy to pack up and transport your quadcopter.

Easy to fly:

The DJI Phantom is often the first choice for beginners as it has many functions that make flying a quadcopter easier than it is with some of its competitors:

– Built-in Naza-M + GPS system: this is an autopilot system which provides stability and reliability  for a great overall flight performance.

– Fail-safe and auto go-home: part of the integrated Naza-M system, the fail-safe works if communication is lost with the quadcopter. In the event of this happening, the GPS will trigger the return of the quadcopter to its original starting point.

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WI...

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WITH GPS FLIGHT CONTROL (Photo credit:

– Two flight control modes: you can alternate between GPS Attitude and Attitude Control. Both of these are very useful features as they not only enhance the pleasure of flying, but they also increase the safety factor by helping to prevent accidents and crashes.

– Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC): this function allows you to manoeuvre the quadcopter without worrying about its orientation. The IOC also has two additional lock modes which are a course lock, which basically steers the quadcopter on its original course and the home lock, which steers the aircraft relative to its take off point, using the GPS.

– High intensity LED lights: there is a LED indicator under each arm of the quadcopter and these assist in orientation.

Low Voltage Protection:

A problem with some of the DJI Phantom’s competitors is that there is no warning when the battery is running low and becoming critical, resulting in the quadcopter crashing to the ground. The phantom offers two levels of voltage protection, the first one being that the LED indicator flashes a warning that the battery is low. If this is not responded to, the second level triggers the quadcopter to land automatically.

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WI...

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WITH GPS FLIGHT CONTROL (Photo credit:

Remote Control Unit:

The Phantom comes equipped with a remote control and receiver. The control is effective for anywhere up to 300m (which is obviously dependant on the environment and flying conditions). The remote has a frequency hopping, interference-free design which allows multiple controls to be used at the same time, providing a more reliable remote communications link.

Camera Mount for GoPro:

The DJI Phantom comes with an external, removable camera mount for your GoPro camera (or any other light camera) or for other video equipment.

3S LiPo Battery:

The battery comes with a charger and is an all-in-one, light design, producing up to 15 minutes of flying time.