DJI Phantom 2 Vision


As a successor to to its popular predecessor, the Phantom 2 Vision quadcopter sets the bar even higher.  The word ‘Awesome’ simply is not enough to describe this new model.  How do you make the best quadcopter any better?

Simple, by integrating a high definition WiFi camera with First Person View to a packaged Ready to Fly (RTF) kit.  Seriously, this is the ultimate quadcopter kit.


DJI Innovations, the maker of the DJI Phantom, took the base model, kept all the features that made this quadcopter, the quadcopter of the industry.  These features included an on board GPS system that allows the quadcopter to maintain its position mid air as well return to home whenever the battery is depleted or whenever the communication link is broken.  Other features that were retained are the 300m communication link between the transmitter and the quadcopter and the self tightening propellers.

The frame of the quadcopter and the transmitter remains nearly identical to the previous generation, however, the internal components and software add-ons have improved significantly.   For one, the new Phantom Vision gets a new battery upgrade, from 1000mAH to 5200mAH battery.  For at least 25 minutes of juice, this larger battery provides nearly 3x more fly time when compared to the first generation model.  Also, the new integrated battery compartment enables you to swap batteries in a matter of seconds.


The most notable upgrade to the DJI phantom is the WiFi HD video camera that comes integrated with the quadcopter.  Previously generation of the DJI Phantom allowed enthusiasts to fly with their own personal GoPro camera.  visionThis new WiFi HD video camera is capable of capturing photos and videos simultaneously in either a 1080p (30fps or 60i) or 14 megapixel resolution.  The current GoPro Hero 3+ is only able to record 1080p at 30fps and capture images at 12 megapixel resolution. While there are pros and cons to having a built in camera on board the quadcopter, if you already have a GoPro Hero, you could always opt for the Phantom 2 model with the Zenmuse H3-2D gimbal mount for greater versatility.   But as it stands, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision is now truly a complete ready to fly system.

One of the key features of Phantom Vision is the built in first person view.  This is important because many times when you’re flying the quadcopter, you’re either flying blind or you’re having difficulties determining the direction and speed that you should be recording.  Having a first person view that’s integrated to your iOS or android mobile device can be advantageous because you can see what the camera is seeing in the first person mode.  This is significant because you can either film that quality shot with FPV (when your quadcopter is out of sight) or you could record utter garbage without it.   With the DJI app, you’re able to start and stop the recording, adjust the quality of the image, as well as tilt and pan the camera.  The app also monitors parameters like altitude, location, and battery life.


While you could theoretically use your GoPro app to view the GoPro footage in first person view, it would be unwise to do so because the frequency that the GoPro uses to communicate with your mobile device is the same as the frequency that is used for your transmitter to communicate with your quadcopter.  Because the two operate on the same frequency, you would get unwanted signal interference that may cause your quadcopter to lose comm link.  

What about jello effects?

Jello effects on the DJI phantom are when you see rippling effect in the video caused by the propellors.  The latest Phantom Vision comes built in with anti-vibration mount via soft rubber plugs to isolate the camera from vibrations caused by motors and propellers.  In the first version of the DJI phantom, you would either need to install an aftermarket gimbal mount with the soft plugs or you would need to balance your propellers.   This is a must needed upgrade to the DJI line up as that issue was inherent to the predecessor’s design.

So is the new DJI Phantom 2 Vision worth it?  

It’s definitely worth it.



Here’s a review from Photoshop Cafe on the new features of the latest Phantom Vision:

Below are some sample videos recorded with the Phantom 2 Vision.



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