Traxxas QR-1 Quad-Rotor Ready-To-Fly Helicopter Review

There is nothing you need to fly the Traxxas QR-1 Quad rotor RTF that does not come in the box that it is delivered in. Open the box, charge the Li-Po battery for the quad copter, and this thing is ready to fly. It even comes with the batteries for the transmitter. Everything is included to fly immediately. It also comes in many color options to personalize the copter.

Traxxas QR-1

The Traxxas QR-1 is an awesome little quadcopter. It measures just a little over 4.5 inches square. The design is small but it is able to withstand a great deal of punishment from beginning pilot’s first flight attempts. Crashes are inevitable when learning to fly any quad copter and the Traxxas is more than able to withstand the crashes. Not to mention the parts and accessories for the Traxxas QR-1 are readily available and easy to get. Traxxas also has an exclusive Helicopter Replacement Plan. You can trade in your QR-1 at any time, and in any condition, and purchase a new model (transmitter not included) for just half the list price of the ready-to-fly QR-1. That is a pretty good warranty and very customer friendly.

traxass controller

The transmitter is a 2.4 GHz radio control that offers great range. Also the copter and the transmitter bind each time the transmitter is powered on. There is a normal and expert mode that can be switched from one to the other right from the transmitter. Trim adjustments are also made directly from the transmitter and the adjustments are made easier by a LCD display on the transmitter itself.

The Traxxas QR-1 comes with two Li-Po batteries. Each battery allows for a maximum of 10 minutes flight time and can be changed out with very little effort. The battery charger that comes with the quad copter is powered by a USB port and is capable of charging two batteries at once. There is also an LED indicator that lets you know when the battery is charged. I advise getting and extra 2 batteries so you could always have two charging and flight could be nearly continuous. Just plug the charger into the computer or laptop and in 30 – 40 minutes you are in business with two charged batteries.

Flips and rolls are more than possible with the Traxxas QR-1. I must warn you that it can take some time and some training to be able to successfully master the tricks and stunts. Lots of outdoor space is required to acquire and hone the skill needed to perform aerobatics with this quad copter. It is capable but you just have to be patient in learning to prevent crashes.

traxss top view

Since the Traxxas QR-1 comes ready to fly and with an outstanding warranty in place, it is hard to imagine going wrong with this quad copter as your choice. It is highly capable and very advanced in its possibilities. Be patient and learn stable flight before advancing to the flips and stunts.

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Traxxas QR-1

  • Quad-rotor thrust with digital 6-axis stabilization
  • Quickly master stable hovering and flight in Normal mode
  • Includes two high-capacity LiPo batteries
  • USB-powered dual-battery charger
  • Measures 2.4GHz transmitter eliminates frequency conflicts






DJI Phantom Quadcopter Features

The DJI Phantom Quadcopter is a quadcopter that has many varied and interesting features that enhance the flying experience:

DJI Phantom w/ GoPro Hero 3 Black over Nashville

DJI Phantom w/ GoPro Hero 3 Black over Nashville (Photo credit: @giovanni)

Ready to fly:

All of the necessary tuning has been carried out and the flight parameters and functions have been set up. This means that every preparation needed to get the quadcopter ready for flight has already been done by the manufacturers. So, other than a few minor attachments (such as the battery and propellers), the DJI Phantom is pretty much ready to flight straight out of the box.

Attractive design:

The Phantom is visually stunning, with a streamlined, modern look. The design is compact, making it easy to pack up and transport your quadcopter.

Easy to fly:

The DJI Phantom is often the first choice for beginners as it has many functions that make flying a quadcopter easier than it is with some of its competitors:

– Built-in Naza-M + GPS system: this is an autopilot system which provides stability and reliability  for a great overall flight performance.

– Fail-safe and auto go-home: part of the integrated Naza-M system, the fail-safe works if communication is lost with the quadcopter. In the event of this happening, the GPS will trigger the return of the quadcopter to its original starting point.

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WI...

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WITH GPS FLIGHT CONTROL (Photo credit:

– Two flight control modes: you can alternate between GPS Attitude and Attitude Control. Both of these are very useful features as they not only enhance the pleasure of flying, but they also increase the safety factor by helping to prevent accidents and crashes.

– Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC): this function allows you to manoeuvre the quadcopter without worrying about its orientation. The IOC also has two additional lock modes which are a course lock, which basically steers the quadcopter on its original course and the home lock, which steers the aircraft relative to its take off point, using the GPS.

– High intensity LED lights: there is a LED indicator under each arm of the quadcopter and these assist in orientation.

Low Voltage Protection:

A problem with some of the DJI Phantom’s competitors is that there is no warning when the battery is running low and becoming critical, resulting in the quadcopter crashing to the ground. The phantom offers two levels of voltage protection, the first one being that the LED indicator flashes a warning that the battery is low. If this is not responded to, the second level triggers the quadcopter to land automatically.

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WI...

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WITH GPS FLIGHT CONTROL (Photo credit:

Remote Control Unit:

The Phantom comes equipped with a remote control and receiver. The control is effective for anywhere up to 300m (which is obviously dependant on the environment and flying conditions). The remote has a frequency hopping, interference-free design which allows multiple controls to be used at the same time, providing a more reliable remote communications link.

Camera Mount for GoPro:

The DJI Phantom comes with an external, removable camera mount for your GoPro camera (or any other light camera) or for other video equipment.

3S LiPo Battery:

The battery comes with a charger and is an all-in-one, light design, producing up to 15 minutes of flying time.

Bumblebee 550 Quadcopter Kit Review

The Bumblebee 550 Quadcopter Kit fits together easily and requires minimal assembly. All you need to do is attach a few screws and put together the frame, which will take minutes. It is so simple that you don’t even need to refer to the instruction manuals to get the job done.

Bumblebee 550

Everything about the Bumblebee 550 quadcopter kit exhibits superiority, from the sturdy, well-designed frame to the additional up-grade features and gadgets you can buy. Manufactured to a very high standard, everything fits together incredibly well and the overall impression is that the Bumblebee is a quality product. However, at the same time, this quadcopter kit is undeniably very good  value for money.

Made with strong carbon fibre and durable, plastic parts, the Bumblebee is tough and able to hold its own, even during crashes or when hitting the ground hard. It’s high quality production and well-made, reliable equipment ensures that the Bumblebee 550 quadcopter is smooth when in flight and very stable on landing. Having said that, accidents do happen and if necessary, spares and repairs are all readily available to purchase.

The four propellers come as s

tandard, but these have been known to explode when at full throttle or break when the Bumblebee is flying through the air. An alternative is to buy more advanced propellers, but before doing so, you would need to switch the motors.

Additional items can be fitted to enhance and strengthen the Bumblebee’s performance, such as a multi-rotor control board, receivers or lighting. One nice little touch is that all electronic equipment is  hidden away in the fuselage and topped with a stylish black dome; thus keeping the Bumblebee’s appearance tidy, sleek and impressive.

Another useful feature on the Bumblebee 550 quadcopter kit is the landing skids:  they are quite tall, allowing adequate space and plenty of clearance from the ground to mount a camera. The camera allows you to capture breath-taking views in  the form of either photos or videos and to help improve the image quality, a gimbal mount is also available.


Another useful extra that you can attach to the mount is an  Electronic Speed Controller. This varies the speed and direction of the Bumblebee, which in turn enhances the enjoyment and versatility of the quadcopter kit.

One problem identified is that the landing gear is not particularly strong. The lower plastic skid grips are rather brittle and can easily snap when put under duress, such as during a tough landing. However, additional landing gear equipment is available to supplement the existing gear. Sometimes, it seems that the centre of gravity is a little too much at the top of the Bumblebee and this can cause the quadcopter kit to flip over, especially on landing.

Another major problem is that the bolts for the motor mounts are too long, resulting in the bolts actually touching the copper windings in the motor. This can cause the motors to short-circuit and fail to start. However, once identified, this problem is easily rectified by using washers, filing down the bolts to the appropriate length or just use shorter bolts.

Conclusion:  While it’s not particularly too difficult to assemble; on the order of 1-5, five being the most difficult, it’s on average a two or so.  The problem with the Bumblebee is that because damage can inflicted so easily on it, you’ll find yourself always waiting for replacement parts.  That’s easily time spent not flying the quadcopter kit.

But overall it’s a great quadcopter kit that you can customize to your liking.  Add a GPS?  No Problem.  Add a camera swivel?  Not an issue.   Don’t get this if you don’t want to dirty your hands.  For a kit out of the box, you can get either a DJI Phantom or an AR Parrot.   But for an epic customization that you can make your own, this is your bird.  Check out another enthusiast’s Bumblebee 550 quadcopter and tell me you don’t find that cool.  ;)

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DJI Phantom Quadcopter Aerial UAV Drone Review

If you are a looking for THE best quadcopter kit, search no more, the DJI Phantom Quadcopter is exactly what you are looking for.  This quadcopter is very much ready to fly straight out of the box and requires only minimal assembly before it’s ready to go.  Although the DJI Phantom quadcopter is almost completely assembled, you’ll need to attach the propellers and insert batteries before it is ready for action.

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WI...

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WITH GPS FLIGHT CONTROL (Photo credit:

While there are no instructions included in the box, what they do have though, are instruction videos on the DJI website that cover the how-tos for quadcopter assembly and flying tips.  Before you fly it’s a really good idea to watch these videos and familiarize yourself with the Phantom before doing anything else.  Many potential problems could be avoided if you are fully up to speed before you start. In addition to the videos online, you can also download a useful PDF version here, to keep close at hand should any problems arise.

The DJI Phantom quadcopter is a pleasure to fly; it’s easy to control and very maneuverable. The controls are very simple to understand and the quadcopter has various functions that’ll make the flying as smooth as possible. The overall appearance of the DJI is graceful and streamlined and weighs next to nothing. Yet, at the same time, it’s tough and hardy, able to withstand crashes and scrapes.  Compared to other similar models, handling the DJI Phantom quadcopter definitely gives you an overwhelming sense of being totally in control.

The DJI Phantom quadcopter comes ready equipped with many functions to enhance your flying experience. For example, the Intelligent Orientation Control shows which way the helicopter is facing, which means that it is easier to steer.

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WI...

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WITH GPS FLIGHT CONTROL (Photo credit:

The quadcopter also benefits from having an integrated GPS system. One feature of this system is the GPS Attitude, which enables the helicopter to stop or just hover in mid-air. It is reassuring to have control over the helicopter’s movement and direction, because this will prevent the quadcopter from crashing into something that can cause major damage, such as a tree or a roof.

Another feature of the integrated GPS system is its invaluable return-to-home mode. This function ensures that the helicopter returns safely, even if the remote control is not switched on. As it is an expensive piece of equipment, it is comforting to know that even if your quadcopter rapidly soars away and out if sight, it will eventually return safely to the point where it took off from. That said, it is a good idea to test that the return-to-home mode is functioning correctly before you let the quadcopter travel too far.

Designed with a special and exciting feature, the DJI Phantom quadcopter is able to mount a GoPro camera (or any other light camera).  This means that you can capture stunning aerial, birds-eye views. However, the mount provided does not always hold the camera firmly enough and poor video quality may occur due to the wobbling caused by vibrations.  It might be beneficial to buy agimbal or specially made GoPro mount.

One of the very few disadvantages is that even when fully charged, the Phantom has a very short battery life, only providing roughly 10-15 minutes of flying time (less if using a camera attached).   Though this battery life is typical of any RC Quadcopter.  For longer flight times, you may want to consider installing a higher amperage LIPO battery.


DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WI...

DJI PHANTOM RTF Quadcopter GoPro Compatible WITH GPS FLIGHT CONTROL (Photo credit:

The DJI Phantom Quadcopter is the best in class Quadcopter for taking aerial view photography.  Unlike many other assemble-yourself quadcopters, this quadcopter is built robust right out of the box.  It also carries features you would want in any radio controlled quadcopter: intelligent operation controls, integrated GPS, and a often needed return to home mode.

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Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Review

The Parrot AR Drone 2.0 arrives pretty much fully functional, with an instruction manual included. It is a good idea to read it thoroughly before you attempt to fly the Drone, just to get a feel for how it operates and how the controls work. The battery needs charging before it can fly and this can take anywhere up to two hours. A special feature of this Drone is the option to control and operate it via your smart-phone or tablet, which adds a nifty, unique touch. As soon as the battery is fully charged add your device to the Parrot AR Drone 2.0, wait a short while for synchronization, and then you are ready for action!   parrot2

The controls on the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 are intuitive and pretty extensive, such as, options to alter the flight ceiling and the rate at which the Parrot AR Drone ascends.  The controls can be altered in line with your expertise and because of this, problems are less likely to occur or are easier to handle if they do. The good news is that this particular quadricopter is certainly well within the capabilities of a beginner.

Español: Ejemplo de un modding sencillo, pintu...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Drone needs very little space to fly in, unlike other models. This means that you can fly when the mood takes you, without needing to plan a journey to a larger arena. The pleasure is certainly enhanced when you are able to fly at the drop of a hat.

One noted problem is that it seems that the Parrot AR Drone is not as durable or hardy as other models. Although it can withstand slight bumps and scratches, when the Drone crashes, it lands hard. It doesn’t help that this particular model is also prone to “fly aways”: this is when the  Drone fails to respond to  requested actions and seems unable to recognize the controls.

Español: Fotografía de una Parrot AR.Drone sob...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A familiar problem with most quadracopters on the current market is the short life of the battery once airborne, and the Parrot AR Drone is no exception to this. The charge time is very long considering that it only produces about ten minutes of actual flying time (less if using the video). It is probably a good idea to invest in some longer lasting batteries (2000mAH) or even a charger.

A trick way to increase the battery life is by changing out the brass bushings (2 on each gear shaft).  This will increase the battery time as well as the brushless motor life which will allow you to operate your drone more efficiently.  Click here to learn how to swap out the bushings.  Conversion is simple and it only takes 5 minutes.

The Parrot AR Drone has a low-battery alarm, which sounds when the battery life becomes short. However, please note that when this alarm sounds, the Drone needs to land immediately. There is very little scope for error and if the Drone is not put down when the alarm first sounds, it is likely to lose control and plummet to the ground.

If you fly the Parrot AR Drone every weekend, you’ll probably need to invest in new Drone propellers for optimal flying efficiency.  Obviously sooner if you crash into objects.

The Drone has a camera attached to it and allows live streaming of videos to your smart-phone or tablet. This is a unique feature and it is pretty impressive to see live aerial footage as it happens. One slight fault, however, is that the front facing camera is not angled, which can sometimes have an impact on quality.ar_specs

An option for the Parrot AR Drone is that there’s a separate GPS flight recorder that will improve stabilization as well as record flights and videos on the AR Drone Academy Map.

To summarize: Although the Parrot AR Drone is not  the sturdiest model out there with crashes (and subsequent repairs) inevitable, the easy to use controls mean that this  model is perfect for beginners or intermediate users.

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The Definitive Guide to Quadcopter for Sale

With so many quadcopter for sale out there, it probably seems like a daunting task to sift through them all, to try to figure out the best one for you. There are many things to factor in, such as level of experience and ability required, price and overall suitability. Hopefully, this guide will aid in choosing the best quadcopter for sale that is right for you.

What exactly is a quadcopter?

Parrot AR.Drone prototype flying

Parrot AR.Drone prototype flying (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A quadcopter is a flying machine, similar to a helicopter. The main difference is that a quadcopter has four rotors (or propellers). Used by hobbyists, quadcopters these days are jam-packed with technology, resulting in an aircraft that is powerful, addictive and fun.

Why should you buy one?

Well, simply put, they are fun! What could be more thrilling than flying your own aircraft and one that can even attach a camera underneath to capture the stunning, aerial scenery. They appeal to everyone from the technical whizz, to children, to the single guy who likes his toys. You get a fair bit for your money and for the person that has just about everything else, this is for you!

What should you consider when choosing a quadcopter for sale?

Price – The cost of quadcopters can vary enormously. How much you want to pay may depend on whether you are a beginner or an experienced flyer. For a beginner, the most sensible thing to do would be to look at the lower end of the scale. It doesn’t seem very sensible to buy the most expensive quadcopter, only to crash it several times and possibly damage it beyond repair. There are many practical, sturdy and value for money quadcopters available.

Assembly – Like price, the time it takes to assemble a quadcopter varies from product to product. Many of quadcopter for sale are aimed for the novice are very straight forward and easy to assemble, often with only a few things that need attaching.

How easy is it to fly –  Some quadcopter for sale are more advanced than others. If this is your first venture into flying, you will probably prefer to choose something very simple and easy to control. If you are someone who has owned quadcopters before, you may be inclined to go for something more challenging.

Spare parts –  Replacements and spares can sometimes be hard to get hold of, especially if a product is being phased out or is being replaced by updated versions. Crashes do occur regularly in the quadcopter world and breakages are par for the course. Therefore, it is imperative that should something get damaged and is beyond repair, that spares are readily available.

Additional gadgets – Many quadcopter for sale have extras you can buy to enhance the flying experience, such as mounted cameras. Who wouldn’t eagerly anticipate viewing footage captured with a bird’s-eye view? Not all quadcopters can carry a camera so it is important to think about what you will be using the aircraft for and whether you want (or need) any extras.

At the end of the day, choosing which quadcopter to buy will come down to personal taste. There are many out there offering the same features at similar prices. Read reviews from other users, do your research and shop around. You can’t go wrong!

Best Selling Quadcopter Kits