Bumblebee 550 Quadcopter Kit Review

The Bumblebee 550 Quadcopter Kit fits together easily and requires minimal assembly. All you need to do is attach a few screws and put together the frame, which will take minutes. It is so simple that you don’t even need to refer to the instruction manuals to get the job done.

Bumblebee 550

Everything about the Bumblebee 550 quadcopter kit exhibits superiority, from the sturdy, well-designed frame to the additional up-grade features and gadgets you can buy. Manufactured to a very high standard, everything fits together incredibly well and the overall impression is that the Bumblebee is a quality product. However, at the same time, this quadcopter kit is undeniably very good  value for money.

Made with strong carbon fibre and durable, plastic parts, the Bumblebee is tough and able to hold its own, even during crashes or when hitting the ground hard. It’s high quality production and well-made, reliable equipment ensures that the Bumblebee 550 quadcopter is smooth when in flight and very stable on landing. Having said that, accidents do happen and if necessary, spares and repairs are all readily available to purchase.

The four propellers come as s

tandard, but these have been known to explode when at full throttle or break when the Bumblebee is flying through the air. An alternative is to buy more advanced propellers, but before doing so, you would need to switch the motors.

Additional items can be fitted to enhance and strengthen the Bumblebee’s performance, such as a multi-rotor control board, receivers or lighting. One nice little touch is that all electronic equipment is  hidden away in the fuselage and topped with a stylish black dome; thus keeping the Bumblebee’s appearance tidy, sleek and impressive.

Another useful feature on the Bumblebee 550 quadcopter kit is the landing skids:  they are quite tall, allowing adequate space and plenty of clearance from the ground to mount a camera. The camera allows you to capture breath-taking views in  the form of either photos or videos and to help improve the image quality, a gimbal mount is also available.


Another useful extra that you can attach to the mount is an  Electronic Speed Controller. This varies the speed and direction of the Bumblebee, which in turn enhances the enjoyment and versatility of the quadcopter kit.

One problem identified is that the landing gear is not particularly strong. The lower plastic skid grips are rather brittle and can easily snap when put under duress, such as during a tough landing. However, additional landing gear equipment is available to supplement the existing gear. Sometimes, it seems that the centre of gravity is a little too much at the top of the Bumblebee and this can cause the quadcopter kit to flip over, especially on landing.

Another major problem is that the bolts for the motor mounts are too long, resulting in the bolts actually touching the copper windings in the motor. This can cause the motors to short-circuit and fail to start. However, once identified, this problem is easily rectified by using washers, filing down the bolts to the appropriate length or just use shorter bolts.

Conclusion:  While it’s not particularly too difficult to assemble; on the order of 1-5, five being the most difficult, it’s on average a two or so.  The problem with the Bumblebee is that because damage can inflicted so easily on it, you’ll find yourself always waiting for replacement parts.  That’s easily time spent not flying the quadcopter kit.

But overall it’s a great quadcopter kit that you can customize to your liking.  Add a GPS?  No Problem.  Add a camera swivel?  Not an issue.   Don’t get this if you don’t want to dirty your hands.  For a kit out of the box, you can get either a DJI Phantom or an AR Parrot.   But for an epic customization that you can make your own, this is your bird.  Check out another enthusiast’s Bumblebee 550 quadcopter and tell me you don’t find that cool.  ;)

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