Badboy Quadcopter With Camera v959 Review

A few months back, I was looking for an entry level radio controlled helicopter or quad copter that had the video camera capabilities. When I ran across the Badboy v959 quad copter I found just what I was looking for. In my research, I found that a copter with an on board camera that is capable of capturing still pictures as well as video can be quite expensive. The v959 was an inexpensive option for me to not only learn to fly but also learn the mechanics of the camera for overhead photography and video.

Badboy Quadcopter v959

The camera makes the Badboy v959 an enjoyable quad copter to have. Whether you choose to just goof off with the aerial camera or you have a specific purpose for the camera it is an awesome feature. Before discussing the camera too much I need to discuss the flying features and capabilities of the v959.

badboy cameraFirst of all, the Badboy v959 quad copter will get about 7 – 10 minutes of flight time on a full battery charge. Keep in min the batteries take anywhere from 1 hour to 1.5 hours to charge. That means you are going to need some extra batteries if you want to fly more than 7 – 10 minutes at a time. I personally would suggest a minimum of two extra batteries for a total of three. That would give you 21 – 30 minutes of solid flight time. Another bit of information for you is that the camera use does have an impact on battery consumption.

Secondly, the rigidity of the v959 is another of its good features. This quad copter is small but can withstand multiple crashes and keeps on going strong. One very important thing to remember about crashes is to cut the power to the rotors prior to impact. This will greatly reduce damage because the rotors would be free spinning without load and thereby minimize rotor damage. It does come with a complete set of replacement blades just in case they get damaged in a crash.

badboy remoteThe transmitter takes 6 “AA” batteries (not included) and is a very capable 2.4MHz transmitter. One really nice feature of the transmitter is that the camera can be activated for still images or video directly from the transmitter. The camera takes a Micro SD memory card to store its images or videos. A 2 GB memory card is provided with the v959 but you can put your own 4 GB card in it for expanded memory. The video quality is much better than expected.

Badboy frontOne thing for sure is that the Badboy v959 is a fun quad copter to have. The price point is low considering what you get for the price. This is such a great entry level first person video copter that it would be hard to pass up if that’s what you are looking for. It is tough and rugged enough to be a beginner flight trainer, yet, the camera that is features represents the true purpose of the v959.

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Badboy Quadcopter v959
  • Camera on Board, can be triggered w/transmitter!!
  • Complete ready to fly out of the box.
  • New Arrival
  • Fpv in an affordable package.
  • Great Fun!!