What to Look for when Buying the Best Quadcopter Kit

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You’ve been down that road before.

Every quadcopter manufacturer whether new or old to the game always touts its quadcopter as the best quadcopter kit out there. The problem with this is that there are just TOO MANY quadcopters to sort through on the market. And when you do narrow down the selection, how do you really know that one manufacturer is better than the other?

Well, I’ve been there, done that. After going through a number of crash and burns (literally) and fly by night manufacturers, I said enough is enough. I wanted a reputable manufacturer that would provide me with in stock replacement parts and the support needed for updated firmware. I wanted a quadcopter that would easy enough to fly and control as beginner, yet won’t be obsolete as my skills improve.

GoPro Lineup

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After a thorough search of the market, I came across three best quadcopter that really fit the bill that I was looking for.

Top 3 Best Quadcopter Kit Comparison

Price and Image

StockIn StockIn StockIn Stock
Amazon Rating
Customer Reviews152 Reviews342 Reviews1 Review
AssemblyFully AssembledFully AssembledNeeds Assembly
RemoteIncludedCompatible with iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and Android DevicesNot Included
FeaturesAuto Pilot, Integrated GPS, Intelligent Orientation Control, Return to Home FunctionAuto Pilot, Stabilization SystemWoven carbon fiber and plastic structure, strong and lightweight
CameraGoPro Hero (Not Included)HD Camera: 720p 30fpsNone
Camera MountIncludedNoneNone
PayloadDesigned to carry GoPro cameras, but also fits other light weight camerasNoneFits light weight cameras, including GoPro
Battery2200mah LiPo rechargable battery (12 minute flight time) 1,000 mAH LiPo rechargeable battery (12 minutes flight time)Not Included
MiscellaneousAnti-interference design, for use with multiple DJI remotes in the same vicinity3 Different Color: Orange/Blue, Orange/Green and Orange/YellowFlight Control Board (Not Included)

How to find the Best Quadcopter


One of the first things you should consider when buying the best quadcopter is its price. If you are a beginner, you are probably reluctant to pay too much for your first quadcopter, where a more experienced user may feel comfortable paying that bit extra. However, spending a little extra may be necessary for a robust quadcopter. The lure that most people get caught into when spending very little on a quadcopter is that you’ll constantly need to upgrade and purchase replacement parts. Keep in mind, time is money and when you’re not flying because of a damaged propeller, that’s money. While the price point for a good quadcopter is in the neighborhood of $250, you need to determine what that will buy you. Usually $250 will only get you the frame and the propellers. You’ll need to factor in the cost for the transmitter / receiver remote control as well as the lithium ion battery. These two items alone will put your total in the $350 range. As a point of reference, for a full up out of the box quadcopter, the AR Drone 2.0 Parrot retails for $299, while the DJI Phantom retails for $679. Amazon, however now has the DJI Phantom at 29% off at $479.

best quadcopter kit

Flight Control

As a beginner, the easier the quadcopter is to fly, the better. There is no point in buying a top of the range product if you don’t know what to do with it. Firstly, choose the best quadcopter kit that is user-friendly and has controls that are simple to understand and use. A great quadcopter for a beginner is the DJI Phantom. The Phantom comes with loads of gadgets and features that make controlling it a little simpler, without detracting from any of the fun. Although the Phantom is not the lowest cost model on the market, the in-built GPS system means that you always have total control (and know the whereabouts) of the quadcopter, which is, understandably, very reassuring for the complete novice. As your experience, and your confidence, grows, you may which to invest in a model with slightly more complex controls, such as the AR.Drone.

Best Quadcopter Kit

Ease of Assembly

Another important thing to consider is how easy the best quadcopter kit is to assemble. There is nothing worse than buying something and not being able to use it because you can’t figure out where all the bits and pieces go! Again, as a beginner, you may prefer to choose a kit that is pretty much fully assembled or that has very few instructions to follow. The DJI Phantom and the AR Drone are perfect as they are both pretty much ready to fly straight out of the box. As your knowledge grows, you may probably want to have a quadcopter that requires more involvement in the custom assembly, such as the Bumblebee 500.Best Quadcopter Kit This quadcopter is a little trickier (it doesn’t come with an instruction manual) and would offer an experienced user more of a challenge.


There are other things to consider when buying the quadcopter kit, such as what additional features it has. You may want to have the best quadcopter kit like the DJI Phantom that can mount a camera that you may already have like the GoPro or any other light weight camera. Although many of the quadcopters on the market today come equipped to mount a camera, you may need to ascertain what payload weight a quadcopter can carry.

Replacement Parts

The nature of quadcopters means that accidents, crashes and breakages can happen at any time. Although some of the models are sturdy and robust, such as the Bumblebee, you will undoubtedly encounter a time when you need a replacement or spare. It is imperative that you carry out the necessary research about whether replacements and spares are available, before you invest in a quadcopter kit.

Bottom line is that when looking for the best quadcopter kit, you’ll need to assess the robustness, the features, and last but not least, the price you’re willing to pay.


Our recommendation, get the DJI Phantom. DJI is a reputable company that has been around for several years. No other fully assembled quadcopter has an integrated GPS and built in return to home mode feature. These features alone are worth the price. Plus DJI comes with a standard radio controller and a RC battery, so the quadcopter is ready to fly right out of the box.

The other 2 quadcopters presented are fine as well, and you will get good value for the price, but the DJI Phantom should be among your top choices!



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